Comparative Get Out vs Black Museum Ending Blog

Both scenes had the act of strapping the characters in a chair. The film element of sound plays a big part from both ends of scenes in Black Museum and Get Out. Eerie, dark music in the background with low drumming to build anticipation.

The main character in both scenes have a breakout moment of trying to set everything straight and let justice happen as it should of originally getting rid of in Get Out’s case the white family and in Black Museum the museum owner.

Themes of injustice, revenge, and inequalit were present for the protagonist characters.

#JusticeIsServed or #RevengeIsServed



Response to Moonlight Part 1

The scene begins with Juan, the head drug dealer, approaching one of his workers. The camera pans all around characters and they get into dialogue about a current deal. A group of kids run past Juan with the main character Chiron (little in this scene). There is no music in the scene only focusing on the sound of him walking across glass and a loud bang from Juan opening the door. His interaction with Juan is very quiet and he doesn’t say anything unsure of him at first. Juan is caring with his actions and offers him some food even though he doesn’t know him. Juan says “can”t be no worse out here”, not knowing outside is the worse for Little.

Light music plays in the background as they head back to Juan’s house. His wife Lisa finally gets him to talk and gets some information from him. he is more open and vulnerable to Lisa and feels a sense of trust telling them he doesn’t want to go home. I think Chiron looks at Juan as a father figure from the start.

We finally get introduced to the character Kevin who ends being a pivotal character for Chiron.  from the beginning of the movie and in the talk of black masculinity, Kevin is saying how you have to show others your not soft instead of how you actually are inside.

he returns back to Juan’s house and he takes him to the beach. The beach we will see is a significant place for Chiron later in life. There is a very sensitive moment between Juan and Little when he teaches him how to swim. A fatherly moment. He uses the phrase “more athletic” when teaching him how to swim instead of manly or tough. He makes a reference to McCrearys original script “In Moonlight Black Boys Look Blu” when Juan is telling the story.

When he brings Chiron back from the beach, his mother is clearly doing drugs and has someone over. she doesn’t take any time to thank Juan. We see little in a dance class having a great time expressing himself. The boys are in the bathroom “sizing up” which we can tell visibly makes Chiron feel a little awkward. we see him basically having to take care of himself since his mother isn’t around or is one drugs, but it’s a very sensitive moment when he makes his bath and cleans as the music starts up again. We see he frequently visits Juan and Lisa and gets dropped off at night.

The scene where his mother is screaming at him, but the dialogue is quiet is scary is a sense.

Chiron and Juan have a moment when he admits to Chiron that he sells drugs and sells to his mother which breaks him. He also inquiries about being gay with Juan and Lisa which they handle with caution and are being patient and supportive with him. They always remain honest and open with Chiron. Juan is a great influence on Chiron, but deals drugs to his mother which is very contradicting.

Do The Right Thing Cont…

Continuing back into the movie, the shadow of Pino looking out across the street at the mayor he is buying flowers for mothers sister and smooth jazz music is playing in the background. for once, she has nothing to say to him as she watches him leave the flowers and walk away. As the movie continues, it seems to get hotter out and everyone is feeling it and repeating it. the snow cone man is giving out ice cream to the neighborhood kids and the scene seems to cool down for a minute then the ice cream truck comes back and everything “heats” up again when the little boy almost gets hit

The scene flashes to Sal and Jade having an intimate moment that frustrates Mookie as he tells Sal to leave jade alone. There is obviously feelings Sal has for jade, but completely denies it saying that would never happen and gets on Mookie again for his deliveries. Pino is always playing the roll as the peanut gallery in the background but continuously gets told to be quiet from Sal. The music is always in sync with scenes as Mookie meets up with Tina and they have an intimate moment.

Pino takes his brother in the closet and tells him to “be on guard” and not trust Mookie. He is threatening him just because he doesn’t like black people and made that clear when he said he like Michael Jordan, but hes “not really black”. His brother makes it clear how messed up that idea is when realizing Pino is being serious.

He mentions “why does it always have to be about Africa”

Tensions are rising in this scene and Pino looks like he is about to explode, but instead it’s Sal who ens up going off and shocks everyone. As soon as something good like Sal saying he is going to just give them some slices something back erupts like the ice cream scene. A huge brawl is not erupting between sal and the radio guy but everyone is getting involved. In the beginning of this scene when sal breaks the radio he says I just killed your radio, and then the police ends up killing him.

“Gary that’s enough” he is killing him in this moment and doesn’t listen.

“You can’t fucking kill us all”

Radio Raheem

They realize they killed him

Sal was just saying how they were going to be open forever and then this all happens and they trash his place. The wrecking of the restaurant starts by Mookie which is ironic considering he’s been dedicating the most time here. Sal and his sons are watching the place burn down in shock. All the minorities of the community come together to fight against the white power. Its amazing how the firemen would rather spray down the people than the actual fire burning everything down.

Smiley finally gets to put a picture of a black up on the wall in the end and we finally see him smiling.

The film communicates black masculinity by showing how Mookie had to take care of his kid but wasn’t and how he had to be tough and had a hard exterior.

The film communicates the idea of monstrosity through the whole film and how Pino and his family and really other white people in the community looked at black people as monsters even though they were really just misunderstood.

Do The Right Thing Presentation Response

The scene shows a dramatic fight scene with the officers. The lighting shows the light against their face showing sweat and a lot of tension and emotion in this scene. The element of heat in the whole movie, but in this scene in particular and how the most heat or tension is powerful in this scene. The scene itself is so busy with so much happening. Everyone being arrested and the cops killing the man and trying to get rid of the body so no one else sees what they just did. This is a prime example of injustice. The sound was very loud and hectic made it hard to focus on everything going on that I missed the foreshadowing of stepping on the sun.

Response to guess who’s coming to dinner

The scene flashes between the girls dad and johns mother but she has a plain expression and a solemn smile on her face . It is clear that the man realized its only about the two couple. After he finishing part of his speech he camera angle is with the young couple with their backs facing the camera and her dad in the center. He hits points like prejudice and bigotry. The shot keeps panning back to johns mother and father and his facial expression is very stern compared to the mothers. Everyone in the scene is abruting into tears after finding compassion and ends on a light note.

Black Museum

The episode starts off with the main character in her car listening to music driving through what looks like a canyon. I think there is foreshadowing in the music playing saying “Always something there to remind me.”  As she stops for gas outside of the black museum , the way she gasses it up gives a feel of it maybe beig futuristic because she uses like an iPads the music suddenly gets dark with drums and she meets the owner and enters the museum. He says “can’t trust anyone these days”, again foreshadowing. It’s just her and the museum owner who will be giving her the tour. She plays off that she’s in town for her dads birtbday, but seeing this episode we know that’s all a lie. Even her accent is played off because she’s playing a persona. The lighting is very dark throughout these scenes giving a sense of uncertainty. He is definitely a “loony” character for better lack of words.

The dialogue between the two is very intimate and leads into a flashback for the first exhibit. The drumming music comes back in the back showing the unfortunate event about to happen. Roy always seems to be in dark clothing, has a devilish vibe and appears at uncanny times.  There’s isn’t much music in the scene between the doctor and Roy focuses on the dialogue. In this scrne where Roy is telling Dawson about the implant for feeling, the camera angles switch between the two really showing the emotion about the two.

The music in the scene now comes back the same drumming when he is feeling the patients pain. The music comes back at the peak of the experiment but quickly intensified when he dies. The eerie the scene gets the darker the music becomes. In the er scene where he is battling his love for pain he is displayed with a very manic personality.  The flashing back from scenes with shadowing on his face. For every scene where it climaxes to the high point the music gets louder and more high pitch. The director makes you cringe in the bathroom scene when he is pulling his teeth out with the zoom in of the face and music.

After that scene he makes gestures to how he is hot and she offers him some water. Maybe that’s a hint to something in the future.  In the Carrie scene Roy comes back in the same type of dark suit, again like the devils advocate at the brink of tragic situations. There’s is always a shadow on him and his face and the victims if you will have a well lit face. When Roy says what do you say, the emotion blinker is fuzzed out in the background but then comes to focus when Roy asks for an opinion from jack but gets the response from Carrie.

Roy comes in as an angel but quickly turns the story around. Nish refers back to him saying “but” when the situation goes wrong. The drumming music always comes back in the arise of a problem. They camera pans to Parker showing how he is seeing from the outside and how Jack looks crazy.  The music in the scene where Carrie was limited to only seeing Parker on the weekend and the music was happy. But then it quickly cuts in the next scene. When they come To Roy for help the camera slowly zooms into his face as he offers another suggestion and yet again the drumming music always pops up when something bad is about to turn in this episode case when a bad invention happens. When they give parker the monkey with Carrie in it and the new girl closes the door there is shadows on her face.

He references being hot again and couching. They finally get to the main exhibit which is actually her dad. The eerie music is light in the back and the shot shows the emotion between her dad and Nish. The devils advocate is at work again with him in the jail and the camera pans back and forth between him and Roy and the emotion on the face between the dad and his wife when she visits.

Roy ignores the fact that Nish knew more information than expected and thought she was just being curious like before.

Even after seeing this episode I got sucked in again.

After the story of her dad, the poisoning that she put in the water she offered Roy kicked in. She possibly turned off the AC and made him burn up intensifying the poison. She knew the story behind what happened. Again we have the drumming.

After switching Roy into the mans body

as the scene ends the drumming music continues and the music from the beginning “always something there to remind me” plays as her mom is in her head the souvenir of Roy being killed is hung on her rear view mirror and she brought Carrie in the bear with her.

The Central theme I can conclude after watching this episode in one word is I think history itself. Even in the song always something there to remind you is history. Throughout the episode we got the history and the backstory of every situation and then in the end Nish shared her side of history in relations to her dad and how that helped her relieve him. Other race related themes I could think of are greed, injustice, and truthfulness or the lack there of because through every story, truth was always being told about the situations and there was lying in every scene from the jump, dishonesty led by greed and dishonesty led by injustice.

The Birth of a Nation

D.W. Griffith

The colors in the beginning of the scene of yellow represented some happiness, but then quickly flashed to a red scene when the man who was clearly in black face approached the white woman.

The red color symbolizes the danger and panic of him approaching her. Because of the environment and being in the woods, it intensified the theme of the scene.

The music also played into the scene by making everything seem alarming while she was running away. The black face concept in itself was interesting because it made the “black man” look crazy adding even more.

Looking at this scene, the director wants me to see the main idea of this scene of ignorance.